[Suspended] Project New England

Update 4/28/19:

Due to my recent departure from the airport editing team in February 2019, this project has been officially suspended. Airports may continue to be worked on and updated by other contributors and members of the team but do not expect any future updates in this thread!

All major airports in the region are all completed from prior months. Remaining incomplete airports are in Vermont. Private fields have yet to be completed in the rest of the states except Maine. The spreadsheet linked in the first post is still available for anyone curious on which airports have been completed as of now. Please note that I am also not updating this spreadsheet anymore.

To all those who contributed to this project, thank you for all your help. Since this project was started in June 2016, I never expected to progress this much on my own. The help has been immense and I am extremely appreciative. Also, thanks to you pilots who have been enjoying flying to and from the New England region airports! It’s been an honor to produce high quality and highly detailed airports for this area since the inception of global flight development!


Nathan Hope
Former Airport Editing Supervisor

Hey all!

I will be making ALL airports, excluding some class echo fields, in the New England region of the United States for global flight. If you’d like a private/class echo airport to be edited, send me a private message. Remember that the airport must have either an ICAO or FAA LID code in order for the contributors or myself to edit it.

Project Leader:

Project Contributors to Date:

Map of Completed Airports:

(updated frequently).

View the Project New England Airport Tracking Spreadsheet below:


Can you redesign/design Bradley International Airport (ICAO KBDL)? Its in Connecticut.


Hey me too!

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Nice bro, im mostly from Nantucket, but i visit Boston very often


thank you! I was hoping someone would come along and do New england airports


I’m not trying to make every single airport in NE. I’m just doing the ones people want to see

You could join the Airport Editing Team and do it by yourself. Contact Carmalonso for further details.


Hit an email to airports@liveflightapp.com if you are interested and want to know the details.

Could you add 5B7 (Rensselaer County Airport, NY) Sorry for the stretch out of New England… but it’s still close

Please add Boston Logan int

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Oh sorry about that, I didn’t check.

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Sorry, only doing New England for the time being

It’s only like an hour or two out side, just pull the boundary out a bit. It’s a small airport. Shouldn’t take long if it’s even in the database.

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Can u do KOWD Norwood Memorial Airport

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Do you think you can add other Canadian Airports beside Maine like, CYFC (Frederiction international) and CYHC (Halifax Stanfield)

Again, I’m only doing New England airports for the time being.


Tf green Providence Rhode island


Julio already fixed up KBOS. Are you planning to fully redo it?

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Thats my plan

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