Susi Air Cessna 208

Photo by: Andre @AndreIndonesia73

Susi Air is an Indonesian Airline operated by PT ASI Pujiastuti Aviation with scheduled and charter flights. Headquartered in Pangandaran, West Java. Currently Susi Air operates around 40 units of Cessna C208B Grand Caravan aircraft for flights. However Their Fleet isn’t available on Infinite Flight.
So, in this thread, I represent all IF Pilot Indonesia, I hope that this aircraft fleet will be available on Infinite Flight on next update, because considering that Indonesian pilots are getting bigger nowadays. My bigger thanks to all who have read and voted this thread.

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This was the airline that was featured in the TV show “Worst Place to Be a Pilot” So I think it would be awesome to fly with this livery. I have voted!

Worst Place to be a Pilot Season 1 Episode 1
(for those who are interested)


Nice airline btw…

Hi there. As per #features rules, you may only have 1 picture for a feature request.

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This is the Livery that I have been waiting for :3 :3 :3


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thanks for the understanding :)

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