Susheel's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello, IFC. Welcome to my radar tracking thread.
My name is Susheel. I’m currently a specialist at IFATC and I’m undergoing Radar training. I am making this thread to learn and improve my radar skills. So, every help is really appreciated.

Approved by my trainer, Lester Xavier

Types of services

  1. ILS Approach
  2. Visual Approach
  3. Radar Vectors

While flying, please look out for the following

  • Terrain Separation: 1000ft AGL at all times
  • Separation: Lateral - 3nm | Vertical - 1000ft
  • Efficiency

Other Details

  • Server: Training server
  • Details regarding the airport, runways, approach services offered will be posted in the comments each time I open
  • Please use only the runways mentioned, regardless of the winds
  • Please follow every instruction I give you. This will help me know when I went wrong.

Thank you in advance



  • Server: Training
  • Runway in use: 2
  • Approach services: ILS, Visual and Radar Vectors
  • It would really help me if you spawn at the nearby airports for your first approach.

Coming now,my callsign will be VT-SAM.

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Thanks a lot!

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Feedback (VT-SAM):-

Visual inbound

  • I suggest keeping inbound aircrafts higher instead of using 2k/3k.
  • 2 unnecessary vectors. Keeping me on my initial vector and then asking to RAIS near the cone would’ve been better
  • The vector you issued just before RAIS came in time as you had me descended to 2k and if I were to stay on my previous vector,I would’ve crashed


  • Downwind got a bit extended,base turn could’ve been earlier
  • late intercept (continuous turn to final) with 20 degree intercept.


  • No issues,great work!
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I’ll work on them.
Thanks a lot for coming and for the feedback, Samyak!

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