I have just renewed my IF subscription from google play and I have the receipt of my order that arrived in the mail with which I have my IF account but says that it is not active, I closed session and it tells me that an active sub was found but with a user user 31313 pleaaase helpme

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Try restarting the app again. Sometimes data needs to process/transfer from a miliseconds to a couple of minutes.

Contact @schyllberg via PM, if you have the correct trust level. Or wait for him to respond here. He’ll need your new account info (display name and callsign, nothing else) and your account that has all your flight time and other stats on it (also needs display name and callsign) Then he’ll work his techno-magic and a few minutes later you’ll be back in the skies.

I already restarted the app and my cell phone, it still appears that I haven’t active sub

@Fernando_Carbajal Follow the steps below in the exact order:

Or that works too, but I’m still gonna leave my suggestion here.

I have already restart my device, but look this isnt my account

This is my account

Please email support at:

They’ll have to transfer the subscription to your Grade 5 account.