Survey on Hot-Button Aviation Topic

Hello everyone!

I have a project for school where I am supposed to make a survey. I decided to create mine on Hot-Button Aviation Topics. I am required to poll at least 15 people, but the more people the better! The form is anonymous -meaning your name and email WILL NOT be collected. The form should only take a few minutes to complete: the first section are optional general demographic questions, and the second section will be the aviation-related questions. The google form is linked below. I appreciate you taking the time to fill out this survey!


I just filled it out! Hope you get a good grade.

Thank you so much! I appreciate the quick response!

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Anytime! I like the form too.

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done, hope this helps and good luck on the rest of the project

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I’ll submit a response right now. Good luck!

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Thank you everyone for filling out the survey! I already have 5 responses.

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Filled it out!

Filled it out! Hope you get a good grade! This will be interesting to see what the final results would be (if you feel like sharing it)

Just submitted a response! Definitely had to do some thinking for maybe 2 of those questions. Good luck with this poll!

Done! Would be interested to hear the results of your poll when things are all finished, but if that’s not within your interests, fine by me. Best of luck!

Just submitted the form! I’d also love to see the results if possible! Cheers mate, good luck on your grade, you’ll do great!

Done! Hope to see the results!

Filled it out! Isn’t there already a national no fly list? Although, I guess it’s more for national security risks. Are you asking in the context of coronavirus?

I just completed your form! Best of luck to you on your assignment!

Cool topic! Good luck on the assignment! Hope it goes well. :)

Thank you so much for all the responses!!! Almost 25 people have responded.

Filled it out, good luck on the assignment. :)

Good luck, man! Glad I’m helping a fellow student. 👍🏻

Submitted. Best of luck!