Survey for School :)

Hey guys! I am doing an essay on best Airports and Airlines and it would be great if you could answer this survey seriously and honestly.
You must be 13+ because my selected age was the adolescent and the adults. The more answers the better :)

Thanks in advance! (Don’t worry as I am not asking for names or personal details aside from age range.)

Survey link:

(its in general because I don’t know where to put it)



might want to try and sort this out mate

if you made this with a school google account or something, they’ve probably restricted access to people within your school


I would do it but it said i can’t and I’m 15…

oh ok i will fix that sorry. thanks for letting me know

@Aleks_Hancock you’re fine then because you’re over 15

no need to be sorry mate, just a small error haha

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I know I was just pointing out it wasn’t working

TRY NOW. I FIXED IT :) Hopefully it works this time

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works now 👌

nice form btw, i’ve only looked at it for a couple seconds before making this reply, but it looks very professional and neat - well done!


Just submitted an answer - best of luck to you

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thank you hahaha. Didn’t know it looked professional

Google Forms for ya ;)

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Guys. It would be great if you put your reason why you chose that airport and airline. Thanks!

Submitted mine, hope it helps! 👍

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just done mine, hopefully I included enough detail for you 🙂

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Submitted my responses, good luck with your essay ;)

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If you have time from doing this on the Thursday I would appreciate it if you could come along to my event… It’s the Wizz Air Virtual Landing Competition. It would be great if you could come!


Sure! I’d love to! What airport and region is it? What time too? I live in SEA and so I’d have to convert it once I know your time.

Just submitted mine 😊


Done :) Thanks for the survey

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