Survey about Infinite Flight

Howdy, everyone.

I have been bored recently, so I have decided to make a quick survey about the development and improvement of the app, to get your guy’s feedback.

Credit to @Zhopkins for the idea

You do not have to submit, however, it is appreciated.

If people should interest, I could share results.




Done! Good survey and great questions.

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It’s an ok survey. I would suggest though that your questions not be required as not everyone can answer some of them. I do appreciate you tagging me since I have you the idea!

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I have just updated it so it is no longer required. And yeah no problem, you gave me the idea

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Turned mine in! Nice survey!

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Nice idea! Sent in mine.

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Thank You!

Thank You Very Much!

Appreciate it!

Sent mine in nice survey!

Tiny bit of constructive criticism: using opinionated adjectives like “wonderful” in the questions is not best practice for unbiased survey making.

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