Surrounding Terrain

I assume there are going to mix views about this but, I would love to know if, maybe, a controller is operating a frequency, May it be Tower, Approach/Departure or Center, they would be able to have the terrain on the radar map so that we wouldnt need to go to use the ‘ATC view’ to see terrain but instead have the black background with the terrain showing what’s around.

As an example I’ll choose FACT as it’s my home base, if an A/C is flying an ILS, approach will route them around the hill we have just to the left of the IAP fix with the visual they will fly in front of the hill, but if a controller doesn’t know that you could possible get someone hitting the hill (actually happened in real life),

So maybe being able to see the yerrsin will help controls improve their vectoring and avoid busts etc?

This is assuming not every pilot has flown an ILS or has controlled that frequency before, and like Me due to not being able to see terrain on my radar I use the ATC view to see what’s around?

The terrain map was removed with global due to issues with the new topography and geography we introduced. We know it is a wanted feature and we would like to bring it back in the near future!