Surprise, Infinite flight checklist

Hello! ---- ok the final Checklist is complete, there are two ways of accessing it, either PM me your emails and I’ll send an attachment as a photo file, from there you can print. Or you can download the photo and email it to yourself, and print from there. Enjoy!

I’ve been working on something for a few days. Sometimes, when on infinite flight, I often forget to set some very important controls! Like on most sims, they come with checklists or at least references. Instead of getting the developers to constantly add and add, I thought I’d create one from scratch! The design is almost identical to that of checklist used on real aircraft (Thanks @Aernout for the source). This checklist has been Re-branded to have only the controls available on IF. Will be brilliant if you are wanting to do a serious flight with no problems!

IMPORTANT: although the finished checklist will look more or less exactly like this one, there may be a few slight changes. Currently it holds all the information necessary, with a few additionals. However, there are a few things that need to be tweaked and ordered differently! If you see something. Missing that is crucial to have then let me know. I say crucial because I’ll need to move around almost everything to add units.

Once tweaked to perfection I’ll post a link and download so you can all access it and print of to use as the official infinite flight checklist, until they implement it in game! Use this before /during/after flights. I’m also in the process of creating VREF speeds so people know what takeoff and landing speeds are needed based on aircraft.




  • Seatbelt + no smoking should be ON before start.
  • Briefing should be completed before reading the checklist as its a reminder the checklist to make sure all is done, to you can make it “briefing: completed or confirmed”

After start-taxi

  • Brakes OFF, then thrust for taxi. Not the other way around.

After takeoff/climb

  • Landing light off @ 10.000 feet.
  • No smoking remains ON the entire flight.

After landing/taxi

  • Briefing for taxi is part of the approach briefing
  • ATC set…? I think you can remove this one.

I really like this idea.

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Awesome thanks! I’ll put it in. As for the >10,000ft, I was going to add that before the landing light off set, but there wasn’t enough room.

I’ll add this in now, thanks!

@Aernout check changes.

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@Harry … You do good work Harry! Sure would like to see IF CL’s for my favorites; The Caravan & Super D when time permits. Regards, Mad Max Sends


Thanks max, appreciate it as always!

Sure thing.

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Sure thing! I’ll get on that, thanks!

What if you remove the airplane type and make it a generic checklist for the jet airplanes for IF as all have the same instruments etc, One checklist suits all jets for the time being.


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That’s what I was thinking, though the reason I added the aircraft type was because I was going to end up adding VREF speeds for different weight classes (MOW/MTOW) etc etc. but I may have that as another side project!

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I though you dont use trim on landing

Do any airline turn off the no smoking sign?

You cannot smoke while on a plane so I would assume they never turn it off.

Kind of odd why they bother to put it in…

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Great idea, this will help me alot

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  1. We don’t use swear words here. As tempting as it sometimes is, we don’t
  2. It’s done as best as possible with all of the features in Infinite Flight added. For IF standards, is as good as it gets.

Ikr. In real life some airlines switched the no smoking light to a “device” light to remind you to turn off your devices, and they have the no smoking symbol painted onto the panel.

Nice good job

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