Surprise Component Failures (Engine, Gear etc.)

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It would be pretty cool, and it would definitely add to the realism if we would be able to have the option to set possible failures for our flight, such as engine failures / fires, none / not all landing gear comes down, bird strike, water landing, and much much more…

I know what you’re going to say… “You can just shut an engine off or not bring the gear down.” While that is true, it would be more exciting for us pilots if the events happen at a random time. You know that something is going to happen, but you just don’t know when :)

Air France A380 engine exploded
(Image owner unknown. Just found it online)

This is a request I find quite interesting. I’d like this implemented into the IF base game, but just to let you know (if you’re interested) this is already in an app called IF-PAX by @Luqman_Hussain.

I’ll clear up a vote for this as I like the concept


I actually would love to see this! Has my support!


Id rather not because i doubt anyone trains for that or has ever had to experience or has experience flying with one engine and with the rules being strict it would be annoying to rack up violations and you would have to also make there a way to tell atc you have an issue and others would have to wait. Emergencies while real in a simulator would just be a nuisance

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As well as people abusing the system.

if emergencies are made a thing i would hope there would be a server dedicated to it but that would drive up the price which i wouldnt want

I would love for this to happen, adds to the realism, but I don’t see how they’ll implement this as there would be a lot of issues


I would love this implemented, but then I remembered I fly long hauls soooo hello violations!


This is not a bad idea and it would add some realism to the game. The only problem I would have are the delays in traffic and especially airports that only have one runway. But other than that seems pretty cool

I one time failed to calculate correct fuel for a flight in a 175 ended up gliding it to SFO, I didn’t get any violations, flying with one engine is easy it’s possible to do. I don’t think if you have the option turn on failures would see a ton of violations if people pay attention

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It’s really hard to turn, though

That’s why I suggested it to be optional. So those who do want to experience failures during their flight can, and those who don’t want to, don’t have to.

That is true, but it is possible. I have also done it myself

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What do you mean?

What I mean is it takes longer to turn, and if your not using autopilot it takes more effort to turn.

Make the surprise optional because (I despise long hauls but whatever) some people like doing long hauls on expert and fall asleep, and it wouldn’t be fair to give them a violation for something they couldn’t prevent or deal with.

Tbh I feel the entire violation system needs a rework but for now these things are the consequences of that kind of system.

Edit: I Didn’t See The Word Option. Apologies.

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I do long hauls because i like to sleep with the captain like they do in real life where they take shifts when crossing the oceans especially when conditions are ideal.

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That’s why I said “optional”…

One thing though, if they are in ATC coverage. ATC will have no way of knowing that the current aircraft has a emergency, and to be honest it could be pretty disruptive?
Maybe it could only be for solo? or maybe it would be disabled for training/expert server?

This doesn’t add realism. Severe failures are extremely uncommon. I can only imagine the chaos that would ensue on the expert servers having people losing their engines left and right.