Surprise at Santa Barbara! (KSBA)

Hey everyone!

Today my friend and I were riding our bikes from school and we took a little detour because we saw something awesome! We saw the 737-700bbj!! Not just any BBJ though, but one that is in Infinite Flight. Now that Alaska has started serving us with 737s it is not to rare to see one here, but still cool! This was taken with my phone, so sorry for the blurry pic…

Thanks for reading!


Wow, have you spotted at San Luis before? I’ve caught the American Eagle that flies out of San Luis, but when I passed by Santa Barbara a few weeks ago, I missed the A319 by a few minutes 😭


No I’ve never been to KSLO, but I might go there some day!


Just to correct you, it’s KSBP, but you would love the airport, the Alaska E190 takes off on the other runway than the CRJs, just to warn you


Oh my bad. 😂 I was thinking of the Amtrak station code lol.

ok, dont worry, its kinda weird ICAO, KSBP, but i think KSLO fits it better


oh, and btw, the only flaw with this is the real BBJ has less windows, while the IF BBJ has the same amount of windows as a regular 737


Awesome find! It’s such a nice looking livery.

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Really nice - I used to not really like the BBJ livery but it’s grown on me…

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