Surinam Airways 777-200ER (Green Suriname)

Hey everyone!

So while I was scrolling through JetPhotos, I just stumbled across a new livery after which I thought looked absolutely stunning! Behold the Surinam Airways 777-200ER! This livery is promoting Green Suriname with the text “93% Forest, 100% Suriname”. I like this livery because of its cleanliness and simplicity combined with the beauty of Suriname. Surinam Airways is the main airline of Suriname with its hub in Paramaribo. With the rework, I think this airline would fit very well introducing more routes from an underrated part of the world.

Now that’s a solid zinger of a livery if I say so myself.

About Surinam Airways:

About the 777:

Do you think it’s a good livery? Let me know.

Oh That looks really cool!

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Voted for it, really love this one.

Though, the Surinam Airways’ bird looks familiar…


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What a spot on that plagiarism.

Is it him? 🤔


Oh! Boy!
Now this is getting me excited.

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I’m just sorry that we can’t know for sure.

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Only the release will tell us. :^)

Bump! Let’s hope it’s not too late to add this with the rework!