Surf Air Virtual | Official 2021 Thread

New Hire!

Hello IFC!

Today we recently recruited a new staff member for Surf Air Virtual!

@captainryan Will be the new CFM (Chief Flight Manager)! @captainryan showed that he knows how to handle a situation if he encounters an out-of-order PIREP. He also claims that he has a good eye!

This will be Ryan’s first staff position in a VA!

The Staff Team at Surf Air Virtual can not wait to work with you!

Interested in joining Surf Air Virtual? Please take a look at our Website for more information!


Surf Air Virtual Event!

Surf Air Virtual is hosting an event April 17 @ 1800Z. This event will take place at KADS. KADS is located just north of Dallas center, and serves as a small executive and general aviation airport.

Surf Air Virtual’s Mega texan GA Flyout @ KADS