Surf Air Virtual | Official 2021 Thread

Surf Air Virtual Now IFVARB Approved!

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Our Fleet


Surf Air Europe

Ranks & Rewards

Surf Air Ranks
Name Hours
Second Officer 0 hours flown
First Officer 10 hours flown
Senior First Officer 25 hours flown
Captain 50 hours flown
Senior Captain 100 hours flown
Commander 175 hours flown
Senior Commander 250 hours flown
hours are cumulative
Surf Air Rewards
Name Hours
Surf Air Bronze 300 hours flown
Surf Air Silver 350 hours flown
Surf Air Gold 400 hours flown
Surf Air Platinum 450 hours flown
COO’s Award 500 hours flown
CEO’s Award 700 hours flown

Surf Air’s Flare Crew Center

Current Partnerships

IFC Name Position
@CaptainN CEO
@A320_Flyerboy19 COO
@captainryan CFM
Vacant CFI

We are always looking for new pilots! Want to join? Check out our requirements below and fill out an application!

Our Requirements

At least grade 2

​13 years or older

Able to use Discord for communication

Have a legal copy of Infinite Flight

Have an Infinite Flight Pro Subscription

Not on IFVARB blacklist or watchlist

Able to file one pirep each month

Meet all these requirements? Fill out an application and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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Great VA! Great to be partnered with you guys! Good luck in 2021!


Awesome thread! This VA is really fun and has some cool routes with the TBM! Proud to be partnered with you guys!


Congratulations @SurfAirVirtual for getting IFVARB Approved! We can’t wait to see your pilots in the skies!

Great thread, if I may add!



Thank you! Wish AirTahitiNui all the best!

Thanks, Eric! We are glad to be partnered with Spirit :)

Thank you! We wish AmericaWestVirtual all the best in the future and hope to see your pilots in the skies as well!


I really like the new thread! Good to be part of this amazing VA.


Very nicely organized thread, good job y’all!

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Thank you, Texas!!


I can’t wait to see how you guys develop! Many congratulations and I’m wishing you all the success for the future to come.

P.s a cookie might help you along the way too 🍪💛


Thank you, Joshua! 🍪🍪


Great work to Saharsh and everyone else who worked on the thread! Love flying for you guys!

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It would be really sick if you guys could make (made up) TFR’s over areas like Boca Chica since Space X usually tests their starships there. Figuring you guys are based in Texas, just to add a hint of realism :)

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Thank you @sqeezelemon for the amazing new thread banners!


Surf Air Virtual is Hiring

Surf Air is hiring a Chief Pilot. Chief Pilot, will make sure that all Surf Air Pilots will fly responsibly on the Expert Server.


Grade 4, preferably Grade 5
Infinite Flight Subscription
Good standing with the IFVARB
0.10 or less violation to landing ratio
14 years of age

Interested in being Surf Air’s Chief Pilot? Apply here and DM @Saharsh.


I like the new logo @SurfAirVirtual :wink:


Hello IFC!

We are pleased to announce our two new staff members!

@CaptainN and @Delta have both been chosen for Chief Flight Instructor after both interviews were phenomenal.

CaptainN, will train new pilots from the EU while Delta trains new pilots from the America’s region!


Surf Air Update

Surf Air will now start accepting Grade 2 pilots! All Grade 2 pilots, will have access to Surf Air Mainline, and Spirit Codeshares! While flying for Surf Air, pilots will be able to log, and once they reach Grade 3, they will be able to rank up with the hours they have!

Our Flight Instructors, Delta and Nathan, will train pilots and answer any questions they have while they are in the training program.

Interested in joining? Click here and fill out an application and we will get back to you soon!


Surf Air Stats

It’s finally Friday! That means VA Stats.

Interested in joining? Click here and fill out an application and we will get back to you soon!


Surf Air Virtual is Hiring

Surf Air is hiring a CFI (Chief Flight Instructor), and a CFM (Chief Flight Manager)


The CFI will be in charge of the checkride process for our pilots. As the CFI, you will make sure that everyone flying is being safe on the Expert Server and being professional at all times. We are working on making the checkride process easy using replay files!

CFM Job: [Filled]

As the CFM, you will be responsible for accepting the PIREPs and rank-up requests. We trust the CFM to do their job correctly and make sure that they can catch any PIREPs that are out of order. This is a task for a person who has a careful eye and can spot a bad PIREP.


Are you interested in being a staff member at Surf Air Virtual? If so Apply for the positions down below on the IFVARB’s website.

Note: Must be 14 years of age or above to apply for staff at Surf Air Virtual


New Hire!

Today we recently recruited a new staff member for Surf Air Virtual, @Ross! Ross showed us during the interview that he was going to be a perfect fit for the position of CFI (Chief Flight Instructor)

During a scenario, he showed that he knew what he was talking about, it was not cluttered or hard to read the advice.

This is not Ross’s first staff position either! Ross served as the COO at Frontier Virtual, is on the Event Team at Delta Virtual, and is an IFATC specialist!

The Staff Team at Surf Air Virtual can not wait to work with you!

Interested in joining Surf Air Virtual? Take a look at our Website for more information!