Sure is nice being the only plane on expert server

Can you see other planes

We see each other fine @AR_AR

I’m on the expert server but this is what I see.

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Oh I went there and there isn’t’ that connection on any two servers. Maybe that’s why?

Solo is even better

I was just at KPSP and I couldn’t see any planes.

Same, no connection either

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Something is happening

Just look for us, we are in the DC10, MD11 and A350


No they aren’t even out yet lol

I’ll spawn with the Concorde!

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What aren’t out?

We are at KLAX you can catch up

I’ll come with the AN-225!

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DC10, MD11 and A350 in Infinite Flight lol

Not a problem!

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There was an update this morning… maybe that’s why you can’t see us on the servers, go update.

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Yeah lol , I’m coming in the Concorde hold up

You don’t have it.

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Hey guys as soon as I puffed my balloon I’ll catch you!