Sure is nice being the only plane on expert server

Where is everyone today? I’m just flying around the socal area with @AR_AR and we have the entire server to ourselves!


Yeah this is great. Nice not to have a bunch of idiots around.


I just checked and I can’t find anyone on, first time I have seen that happen.

Clearly the server is back up. It was down for ages.

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Hop on and join us

I’m spawning in at KPSP now.

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Why is everyone in casual???

Is something happening today

Weird… I’ll go!

Please read above messages and it will make sense.

I’m at KPSP but I seem to be the only plane on according to my map.

What’s your online status say? We are green and doing some formation landings

I still don’t understand

The signal thing in the corner says i’m offline but i’m connected to wifi.

We are the only ones and every airport has ATC lol

Both servers were down so everyone went to casual

Why were they down?

Why is the sky blue


Both servers are still down!

But I can still see them??