Surabaya Juanda Airport (WARR/SUB) Plane-spotting

In October I once again got to fly out of my hometown’s airport, Surabaya Juanda Airport; but unfortunately for me though, the airport was pretty much dead at this time of the day :D

Anyhow, allow me to share several photos I took while I was there!

A Lion Air Airbus A330-941 (PK-LET) getting pushback service. Bound for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Sorry for the watermark, I forgot to remove it. My bad.

Taxiing for the runway

A Singapore Airlines Boeing 737-800 (9V-MGN) arriving after a flight from Singapore. This was actually my ride that day.

A slightly different angle of Mike Golf November.

Thanks for viewing. I hope to improve my photos once I save up enough money for my new camera. (“only” $289 CAD to go :D)


Very nice pictures!

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Thanks for the comment :)

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