Supposed iPhone 11 lag issue/notch

Does IF lag on the iPhone 11? I am planning to get it but I see many negative reviews about the 11. Would a mod help me and answer me?

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I would take a look at this thread and see if this answers you question. From what I have heard the iPhone 11 runs IF really well…

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ATTENTION ALL: I am deleting the thread as we have discusssed reviews and iPhone 11 coop

How do I delete a topic?

He asked about it in his original thread, and then made a second thread asking the exact same question, and continued to ask on the original thread.

The last one was unlisted, you don’t have to worry about it.

I am sure @DeerCrusher will close it for you in a minute.

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Cause no one saw it and is answering me. You made the same comment to

Just checked the logs, It was never mentioned in the original thread.

But it says staff notified, I don’t want to be banned for misunderstandings

You won’t.

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I’d like to first make it clear that this is not a chatroom.

@TRDubh You’ve been around the forums for awhile now. Need to focus and help us out pretty please by avoiding these astray discussions.

@Populeux_Music The little magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner is an extremely useful tool. Type any keyword, words, phrases, numbers or whatever it is you’re looking for before making a topic. It’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks!