"Support" yourself first

Hey guys, before you come on the forums asking for help, try to troubleshoot the problem yourself first. Most of the time a simple log in/log out or uninstall/reinstall is all you need. I have seen multiple people have issues with either their subscription or some kind of glitch that is an easy fix. Something else you can do is check out support threads that were already created and see if others had a similar problem that can be fixed the same way. If all the above doesn’t help your situation then post to the forums.

Just something for everyone to keep in mind before posting on the forums.

I am not sure if I should post this in support as I am not seeking help but for now I will keep it in general until someone deems it necessary to move it.


I agree many people simply need to restart the game, it happens to me all the time where it says I have zero stats and I restart the game and it’s all back to normal, I guess it’s the really knew people who don’t know what to do in that situation. I’m always happy to help regardless though

Sometimes it really bugs me to see The same problem posted over and over again…The solution found and marked over and over again…But maybe i might understand since we all have different devices…But i really do recommend if possible some solution pinned…because most times no matter what device you have the solution is always the same

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