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There’s a speed limit for what’s below 10,000 feet and that 250 on live none on solo

Off topic but N1 actually varies from takeoff to takeoff based on a number of factors including runway length, weather, weight, temperature, and much more.

Yeah it depends…

And I’m talking about the normal takeoff thrust, not for the whole flight lol.

Right after your wheels are off the ground and the plane nose dips back down the speed limit is set

I’m talking about takeoff thrust, not the speed limit. Pull back on the throttle a bit once your in the air so you don’t get the violation.

Better yet. auto pilot!

I know that why do you think I gave the limits it should be atl? I didnt say 90% at this weight I said you should use only 90% max when you are not MTOW. 90% is a limit not what it should be, same with the 100%

It’s not just 90% or 100%. Takeoff N1 values can be anywhere from 80-100% depending on the aircraft. We’re getting off topic, so if you want to continue this discussion feel free to PM me.

Wow, just wow… Dissapointed by the type of posts this topic is receiving. This fine gentleman was just praising the devs and increasing moral. Although the majority of posts on here talk about… grammar and punctuation , so many saying it’s a “useless post” … Like actually what the hell. You think it makes a difference whether he missed a comma or a full stop? The world isn’t going to end, so let me tell you something not everybody’s perfect in everything and some things don’t need to be mentioned. He’s new to the forum and he should be welcomed. If I was treated the way he was after joining the forum I wouldn’t come back or even make a second glance at this website. What happened to the old welcoming community? And if you want to criticize me on my grammar, you can keep it all to yourself.


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