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This discussion is simply a draft to support the staff of infinite flight not hate though this is a positive forum for moral support for the staff of INFINITE FLIGHT THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE YOU ARE AMAZING now look up frank sinatra’s come fly with me and hop in infinite flight and fly away


That is a positive note. It could use some punctuation though. ;)

Welcome to the community!
Have you tried the search function to look up stuff?

You would have found this post, among others:


@sam1: next time please don’t move this topic to #meta. Because this topic should be in #general.



Also, your takeoff pitch angle was a wee bit high! :)

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I usually set it to 800 for take off then once off the ground I higher it to 2200

@Any_Games… MaxSez: interesting you have been here 1 day and you’ve already formulated a definitive opinion of the IF “Team”. ( Are you a relative or a lover of a staff member which lead you to this definitive conclusion? The Segway to “Frank Sinatra” was a nice touch.) Anyway, Welcome, get yourself a copy of the “Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” from review it as you proceed on your quest for aviation basics. Good Luck!

I though if standard for infinite flight to editing

@Any_Games… Hope you took the sting as ruff humor as intended! There are snakes on this plane, you got bit for the first time by a chromogen. Never take offense on this Forum. Roll with it. Your very welcome, you have a lot to learn experience in aviation or not. Regards, Max

Have you ever heard of a thing called punctuation? ;)


I thought I was Grand Master General of grammar and punctuation enforcement. Kinda feelin’ like a Cub Scout at the moment.

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You have been de-ranked. I am the new grammar nazi around here ;)


Why are we doing grammar nazis this isn’t about me or my grammar and also auto correct sucks but this page is for supporting the staff of Infinite Flight

No. This topic is pointless. Support the dev’s by purchasing IAP’s. That’s how you REALLY support the dev’s.


Or just tune in “Thank You” from Alanis Morissette…

Like it says at the top its moral support

@Carson will kill you XD.

100% thrust is what you should set the throttle at.

Its better honestly to create a new topic then to revive a 4+ month old one. But yes another way to support the devs is purchasing and renewing live subscriptions on Infinite Flights main website. Apple takes a percent of what the devs get since you are purchasing it in app.

Um … no it’s not.

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Not at all. 90% max N1 for non MTOW flights. 100% N1 for MTOW flights