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So, I know this may sound like a bit of a rant, but I have a few problems with the #support Category. First, some problems I see on our end. Clearing Scenery Cache isn’t magical. Sometimes there are problems with the app. An uninstall and reinstall won’t help with those things too (most of the time), and if someone has tried the problem (eg. spawned in at an airport) and gotten the same result, please don’t suggest it. Another thing is that we don’t let people try our suggestions, because we are too busy throwing new ideas out. Next up, a (partial) fix.

I believe that one way to help this is to provide a template for topics in the #support category. I know that this is possible, because there is one in #live:events. While there is a pinned topic in the #support category, it is only pinned for that category, and if someone has a problem with the app, chances are they will skip that step, and just create the topic. I am proposing that it gives you these prompts:

Operating System:
Any Fixes Tried:
Screenshots (optional):

Another fix was touched upon in the rant above. If you’re not sure you can help, and just are going to say “Have you tried clearing the scenery cache?” When it has already been suggested/is a problem with the aircraft, Just don’t post.

Thank you for reading my rant. If you have something you want to say, leave a comment. I don’t care if it is supporting this topic or against it, but I do want to hear what you think. If you have suggestions, I may add them if I see fit.

Edit: Added the “just don’t post” section to the solutions area, as it seems to have been suggested a lot.


Very good! I think one huge piece of advice is search first! Just like a feature request, likely someone else has had the same, or similar incident, so look up how they were solved!

I suppose the prompts would be similar to the ones in #live:events?


Exactly! I know that someone requested that earlier, but it was closed due to inactivity.


I agree with your post. However most users who post in the #support catagory are new users and aren’t up to par with the rules. I think that there should be preset instructions such as the #live:events catagory like this



Troubleshooting methods:

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most of that was already up there, but I realized that I hadn’t put the problem in as a prompt. It’s up there now. @KPIT and @Jack Both of those are the entire second section.


Didn’t notice that. Thanks.

Yep, I see how it sounds like I was adding, I was more agreeing, but I probably should have just said “I agree”, sorry…

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I do 100% agree this should be a feature though. It’s not impossible since the #live:events catagory has prompts. This would definitely make support topics contain more explicit information.

I appreciate you trying to voice some concerns while actually offering a solution too. I’ll let our support staff, Seb, speak to it a little more, but one thing I can offer:

You don’t have to respond to every topic.

If the only thing you’ve got is “restart your device”, it may not be for you. Are you an Apple user and someone’s got an Android Issue? Let someone else that may have actually experienced that problem answer it. The goal here is to get someone back in the air with clear, concise, and accurate information in the fewest comments. Happy troubleshooting!


Thank you for saying this. Too many people believe it is.

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I think Tyler summed it up pretty well.

The biggest issue i see, isn’t the lack of information.
Sure, it can be a bit annoying but it’s not the end of the world.
A template would probably not take care of this problem, as users can just simply delete the template.
And we’ll just end up with having users telling the op to use the template instead of actually trying to help.

Let’s all remember the primary objective about Support, to provide assistance.
Will a template help us doing that? Sure, but it will not solve it.
Will it solve the users problem? Nope

What would help the most?
If you don’t know anything about the issue or have anything to add that might move us closer to a solution;
Move on to another topic and do not post. You will not get the green ticker for throwing out anything random like “Clear scenery cache” for an issue with the aircraft veering to the left on takeoff or for sign-in issues.

It’s literally hell trying to help someone, and at the same time you have people throwing out random guesses who will only confuse the user with an issue and it might even cause more issues.

Support is about facts.

I brought this up back in January, before i even joined the team.


This topic has make me smile… (That’s a miracle in itself). There are too many occasions where the above Is mentioned in a #support. People like myself stalk the support category striving to help people resolve their issues, and a lot of the time it’s easier to solve an issue via PM because there are no interruptions.
Whilst a template wouldn’t work, I do believe there need to be tighter restrictions on the category. Too many people are just after the “solution” tick or say something for the sake of it, and a lot of the time the OP can get confused and lost.

Yes they have already restarted their device, they probably have cleared their cache, most likely they’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall. It’s the basics that people attempt as soon as they have an issue.

Do you actually know anything about the issue you’re trying to resolve, or are you just posting for the sake of posting? Many of the #support posts are done by brand new users, and having 10 other people throwing pointless suggestions at them is going to confuse them even more, which is exactly the opposite of what the category is for.

Sometimes, we need a little more than that.
My device is running slow, please help
Example response: Okay, what are your device specifications.

I personally will gather as much information about the device and have a chat with them, try to get some idea of the issue. I will even go as far as seeing if the CPU is damaged, etc.
If you’re going to help in a support topic, at least dedicate yourself to it. Don’t just hop in so you can say you helped.

And also, recommending a new device when the OP is perfectly happy with their old one is not OK. Stop it. You know who you are, and it’s annoying.


Would a template be magical and fix all bad support requests? No. But it would give the people who didn’t delete it some ideas for what to say. If they did delete it we can ask, but it has the potential to reduce some of the clutter of people asking the same questions.

I’ve had a number of support issues resolved before, so I can speak a bit to your concerns. I personally found it extremely annoying when people off of the bat would tell me to delete and reinstall the app, rather than attempting to give decent solutions. Sometimes it is necessary, but at the same time, before wasting two hours to do something that extreme, at the very least couldn’t they have waited for others to give more reasonable suggestions?

In less words, I completely agree that people need to not reply if they don’t know an actual solution to someone else’s problem.

A little P.S.A. For y’all.

If you don’t have the information, wait until the OP provides it. Don’t suggest something random. Odds are it will only clutter the topic, and not help at all.

And a bump

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