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There is a Japan Air 312 glitching on the localizer RNW 9R at EGLL for about 20 min can someone do something with it?

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No. Simply because it’s TS1. Pilots and ATCs are all “training” there. And this topic doesn’t belong to #support

I mean it kind of is because this person might be farming XP this way but ok

How can someone be “glitching” (this needs some elaboration) and be farming XP? Not following here at all.

Mind giving more explanation. Even a picture would be nice!

Hey sorry I was a bit busy last night. So basically I was ATC Tower at EGLL and for about 20 min before I had to go there was a Japan Air 312 floating about 5NM on localizer RNW 9R. As seen from an atc screen he was doing about 600kt with rapid altitude changed. Im guessing this might be some kind of glitch that is used to farm xp

Are you sure there wasn’t a drop in the connection with you or that pilot?
What you are saying sounds like this. Sometimes there will be a point where it seems like they are floating away when really there is a drop in connection.

And no, it’s not to farm XP.

IDK i thought I would post it here just because of how long it was happening for

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