Support: Infinite Flight navigation data not loading, download error

Okay, so i havent played IF in a couple of months and i wanted to start playing it again. However, everytime i boot it up it shows the following:

The things that i have tried:

Restarting application

Re-downloading the app

Cleared cache

(I cant restart my phone as it has problems where it cant restart and the phone wont turn back on)

Help would be appreciated as im looking forward to the upcoming updates, thank you!

Ok, I just did a forum search for you. There are several similar support topics to which you can refer. All involve restarting your device. Possible remedies include restarting your router and/or switching from/to wifi/cellular on your device.

Well since you haven’t played in a few months. What kind of device do you have? And is everything up to date. Your device and IF?

Is this happening in one particular place or all around the globe?

No. Its been in the same spot. It was working all fine back in december when i used to play it.

Device and IF have been up to date. Device is Samsung S8 edge.

Do you run a VPN that could potentially be the cause of the issue?

I havent used a VPN, so that probably isnt the problem.

Oddly, the problem has seemed to have solved itself. I’ve turned it on and now its working…Anyways, thanks for the suggestions and the help! Cant wait to see the new updates coming soon.


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