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Hello, I need help. I just downloaded the game on my iPhone 14 pro and it won’t let me pay for a subscription. Can someone tell me what adjustment I will have to make? Will it be from the iPhone app store? It tells me that the account is not linked to a subscription.Thank you

The first thing I would check is that a credit card is on file with apple. To do that I would go to settings and click payment options.

Hello @Leo15, can you confirm you’ve followed the following step-by-step instructions from the Support FAQ:

Step 1
When Infinite Flight is installed, it will automatically check for previous subscriptions
Step 2
If no active subscription is detected, the “Get Pro” button will be displayed in the top left hand corner of the Home Screen, tap it
Step 3
A subscription pop-up will appear, from there, tap the blue button to subscribe to our monthly option, or tap “More Options” to discover the other packages available

Get Pro

Step 4
If you already have an account, tap “More Options > Sign in with Infinite Flight”


Step 5
You will then be able to login using your account details from the Infinite Flight Community Forum. This will search for an active subscription (if your subscription has expired then you will need to select a payment option to continue)

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