So yesterday when I was playing this game My grade level 2 and now I’m level 1. I didn’t even fly online yesterday, I fly solo. Can you explain too me why this happened

Currently, landings are counted on a 90 day rolling period. This means that if 90 days elapse and the landing requirements aren’t met, your grade will drop. For more information, feel free to take a look at the topics I’ve linked below.

Note: Landings on solo do not count.

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Hi there!

I advise you to check out this article detailing the grade information for IF:

As for your drop, there’s a very good chance you no longer meet the 3 landings in 90 days requirement in order to make grade 2.

Part of the grade table is flight time and landings within a 90 day period. In order to maintain your grade, you need to fulfill those requirements which expires after 90 days. Can you post a screenshot of your grade table please?

Btw, landings for 90 days only count in live servers

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Thanks I guess

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