Support Category Tips & Reminders!


I just wanted to remind some of you about certain things related to the support category!

*Please ensure the title of your Support Thread clearly states the issue you are having-People shouldn’t have to click on your actual topic and not already know what it’s about.

*Also, before making an entirely new thread, please check out some of the current support topics, as they may already provide an explanation and a solution to your problem.

If you’re having Technical Difficulties please make standard procedure of:

-Ensuring that there are no other apps running in the background, as part of a devices multi-tasking feature. This means all available memory can be used on Infinite Flight, and should ease the strain on your devices CPU/GPU (or an SoC rather) which will in turn improve performance and reduce lag.

-Ensure that your device has a bit of free storage. This isn’t essential, but it’s good to cover all bases.

-Restart and Reboot your device.

-Check your internet connection, as if it’s not sufficient, it could be the root cause of a problem, e.g, excessive lag.
-Also, be sure to have a play around with the settings, e.g Resolution, Terrain Quality e.t.c Lowering these may solve your problem, or at least an improvement.

Extra Tips:

1.	When you buy Infinite Flight Live, it is associated with the Account you use to sign in when making the purchase, not your device. If you have a new device, or have moved to a different operating platform e.t.c just sign-in with that account, and select "Restore Purchases"

2.	Ensure your device is calibrated appropriately.

3.	Be sure to mark your support thread "solved" with the tick-box plug-in, to indicate your issue has been resolved.

4.	Your Device, OS, and your Version of Infinite Flight are all possibly useful pieces of information to include.

Here are the people you may need to contact in special circumstances, or if you are unsure about anything.

The Moderators- @Swang007 @MishaCamp @Aernout @carmalonso

Our Two Community Managers: @DIsraelFDS @Tyler_Shelton

The Developers: @laura @philippe

If you have any immediate questions, please just reply to this post, and I will be happy to assisstance you!

Cheers, Thanks for reading, and have a good day :) ;)

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