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Hello guys,

I think it’s a good idea if we a “database” with all users who can answer into those categories : #support:francais & #support:español

This gonna tell who can answer, to avoid google Translate or something else.

It’s a wiki so all TL3 users could put their names.

#Only those users could answer on #support:francais and #support:español If you don’t speak French or Español don’t answer and don’t use a Translator.

It will help and a lot ;-)


I speak a little spanish, not fluent though. I only use a translator when I have no idea what a word means in english.


If you could put me in the list (not a regular yet)

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I think it’s better if you speak fluent

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Oh, okay. I will still answer, but I won’t take part in the database idea.

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I don’t think it’s a good idea.

We have a large community, people can help by using a translator if they want (as long as they are adding value to the topic). We’re not going to restrict it to people fluent in the language.


Yeah but Cameron, when users use google translate (for French for example) it’s absolutely hard to understand and it’s so confused…

Sometimes it help but the most of time it doesn’t help.
But that’s my opinion ;)

It’s not perfect, but it’s a better solution than having to check which user’s are fluent in what language, deal with unnecessarily flags because someone used Google Translate, etc…

I’d rather someone gets the help they need (whether in shaky Spanish/French or perfectly native language) quickly instead of waiting for someone from a “team” to come and answer support.

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Admin that my english isn’t 100% perfect.

We just wait next Discourse version.
Maybe Discourse should implant à translator

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Honestly, the guys should over in those categories wont check this post. So I don’t really see a point for this topic. (Or calling some users as apt)

For all ppl here who speak english, its maybe hard to understand my bad english :)

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