Support Avianca

Summary: As you may heard, the second oldest airline is in bankruptcy. Avianca yesterday declared the bankruptcy to some way keep fly after this pandemic, over 21,000 people works on Avianca in SA. The second major airline in SA just shutdown Avianca Peru because the bankruptcy.
My request for this FNF is to head South America and fly in/out from Avianca’s HUB’s to the world.

Server: Expert/Causal

Airport: SKBO - SPJC - MSLP - MROC

Time: Friday at 0600 Zulu

Photos: image


Misha does not take requests for FNF events, nor is this the purpose of the #live:events category :)

If you’d like to create an event yourself, please be more specific in what type of event you are trying to host, including gates, flight info (if any), etc.