Supersonic Planes

Are you guys going to add that supersonic plane that United released like 3 days ago

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No plans on that by now :)

It’s highly unlikely we’ll add it soon. The real aircraft hasn’t flown yet, so our interpretation wouldn’t be realistic at this point.

Maybe a few years down the line :)


To avoid speculation here’s the totally official response about overture from Infinite Flight themselves

So yeah, mark your calendars, prime your inner aviation6, because it is definitely coming in 2029


The Concorde was removed from consideration in May 2019…but maybe it’s time to start up a new feature request…??


Concorde was removed for different reasons, mainly due to the complexity of the model. We’re not at a point where we can model it to our standards right now. Maybe in the future though, I would personally love to see it :)


Overture confirmed for 29.1?! 😱😱😱


Yeah I remember, I thought updated technology/software might’ve made it a little easier now.
Oh well. One can hope! :)


Who said it’s going to be 29.1, could be the last update of 2029

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yea im hopeful they will add into the game, around 2029 ;)

I will be pretty hyped for that fateful day in 2029 though should be fun going across the world in half time it usually takes.

Overture confirmed for 2019 😱😱😱😱

Aviation6 title at its greatest

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Inner Aviation6: GUYS! United’s BOOM aircraft is coming to Infinite Flight in the next update!😱 (insert overly dramatic use of emojis here)

or maybe 30.1

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