" Supersonic " plane ...... lol

This picture was taken over the Pacific Ocean. I was flying to RJAA from ZSNJ. Due to up to 176 knots of downwind, my plane’s ground speed is 677 knots ! 677 knots means 1254 km/h…amazing~ " supersonic " plane lol


I must say, that’s a sight to behold!

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Hate to be “that guy” but your aircraft isn’t actually supersonic. You see, the speed of sound changes as your altitude (and hence the air pressure) changes, so at the point that was taken you were actually doing M0.86 (86% of the speed of sound), as is indicated below the speed tape on the left of the HUD.


I know my speed is M0.86 lol 😆 just kidding 🤣 Don’t be so lacking in humor bro😆 @KaiM


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