Supersonic Fighters

Hi, Im wondering is it is possible to go supersonic in an F-22. I will do a Test flight later.

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Yes it is, enjoy your test!

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Yeah i got up to 1,687 Knts before in the F22

You can go very fast with a jet fighter, I have been at more than mach 2.50, but if you are asking if there is Sonic Boom in IF, the answer is no

Can I get across the Atlantic in 1 hour like the concord

The concorde made London-New York in 3 hours, not 1

K, Can I do JFK in 1 if I try Mach 3

you might run out of fuel first on a Fighter Jet…give it a go and let us know how you got on!

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I have got a sonic boom in the game but it is rare to get the pop sound everytime

Easy peasy, supersonic is between 600-700kts so yes

K, I’ll report back tomorrow hopefully.

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You have to do stopovers in denver and Cicago to refule, so it takes 2 hours

When is the DOD going to start employing scramjet technology…JFK to LAX in thirty minutes or less…around Mach 12 or higher

I’ve got to Mach 3.09

Very nice Ian_Farquharson

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