Supersonic air travel thought of again...

Hello IFC members! Again others are thinking of supersonic air travel as a way to go. This links in here with this topic a while ago: Concorde could fly again?! And could other supersonic jets actually be made to fly? [Please close]. However, new ideas are established and being created. Hence the article below.: The Image looks slightly like the Concorde. Please feel free to comment below
PLEASE don’t write anything that will upset me and others - thanks

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It sort of looks like Concorde, but with a centre gear, but overall I think it looks really cool!

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Funny you should mention it, its lingering long enough that we discussed it a while ago here:

Certainly looks like “the next concorde” has an appetite, and could come to fruition based on the people wanting to see it again. There is a question of whether it is cost effective and whether the majority of the population would be outpriced for a ticket onboard one, however.


So when can i create the IFC aircraft request thread?

in seriousness, hopefully this program can get off the ground … and be safe


You can create it in 10 years, since this sort of thing is unfortunately, for most people, just an idea. This may very well eventually happen, and probably will, just not now😕


Lots of companies are talking supersonic again. Boeing tested a method to make a quieter sonic boom. The company Boom has some orders and considerations for their jet. And a club was looking into buying a Concorde and flight certifying it this year.

I would love supersonic air travel again, but you need to get that sonic boom quieter. It’s not a problem when flying Perth to Sydney/Brisbane because you go over empty land, but when flying LA to New York, you have to worry about countless cities and towns that you fly over.


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