Superref1’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @KORD

Hello community!!

I am @Superref1 and currently want to sharpen my skills on ATC. I will update this thread to --> [OPEN] @ICAO when I control and [CLOSED] when I am done controlling. I will be happy to see you all there!!!

As I am also practicing to apply for IFATC, your feedback would be highly appreciated. Don’t hesitate to post it here and of course have fun!!


Hi, i’ll pop along - Callsign N188TK

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@Swiss188 if possible could you give me some feedback/advise please

Of course, i’ll drop you a PM shortly 👍

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I will be closing at EGNX in five minutes I will be relocating to KSAN

Let me know when you open again. I will be happy to join.

I will be opening straight after I close at EGNX

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I am now open at KSAN

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On my way !! Nasa 1

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I would also like to add pattern work is allowed

Good job. But be careful:

  • Don’t forget to sequence!! I was number 2 behind the traffic on final.
  • I was cleared number 2 for the option, when the other plane was already taxiing to parking.
  • When someone announces inbound, give pattern entries. Remember: Pattern entry -> sequence -> clear
  • No need to tell me again where to enter the oattern (left/right) traffic when you clear me for the option.
  • You told me to expedite, because of traffic on final, when there was only one aircraft approaching right downwind. Too late clearance too

What I would suggest for the next time is to open a facility with two runways such as KSSC, EGCC,… That way, a pilot can request runway change,…



I am setting myself more of a challenge now I am closing at KSAN and going to YSSY

if anyone wants me to open anywhere just message me then I will open

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