Supermarine Spitfire MkVIII Repaint

Silver Spitfire

Credit: thesilverspitfire

“The Silver Spitfire is a Mk.IX Spitfire finished in polished aluminium with the guns removed. By ‘de-militarising’ the aircraft in this manner we aim to highlight the timeless beauty of its design. With a plane that is less provocative than one adorned with camouflage paint, we hope to broaden the appeal and reach of the project, and gain easier access to nations en route.

By presenting the aircraft in this beautiful ‘bare metal’ state we aim to highlight the beauty of the Spitfire’s timeless design, drawing attention to the unique and famous shape of the airframe.” -

I think this would make a great alternate paintless choice for when the Spit gets reworked 😎

Is that Steve Carrel, the silver fox?
rubs eyes

Oh it’s just the most beautiful spitfire that I have ever seen!

That is a lovely spitfire, love to see this when it’s reworked.

Me too. I love to see this livery, as well as different RAF and other Air Forces squadrons liveries.