Supermaneuverability is crazy

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yeah, so i decided to pull a kulbit in the f-22 today.

demo was flown at andrews afb

starting the demo off with a low pass at 300 mph

pulling a kulbit at FL260 (@Nate_Schneller, im looking at you 👀)

scaring all the children away with an extremely low pass at 500 mph

life could be a dream…

when the raptor’s barber had a seizure mid-haircut

hope you guys enjoyed, see ya’ll in the next screeny topic


Ok, that’s not supermaneuverability…

That is superhyperultrahyperturbochargealphaokilomegagigaterrayottafragilisticexpialimaneuverability.

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You ok? You need a doctor or. I can call one. The doctor is called unsuperhyperultrahyperturbochargealphaokilomegagigaterrayottafragilisticexpialimaneuverability.

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unsuperhyperultrahyperturbochargealphaokilomegagigaterrayottafragilisticexpialimaneuverability is a terminal disease, so there’s no need for a doctor. 😁

I think you only get it from the screenshots category where there’s good pictures, and you’re too amazed by it. (Like this one.)

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thanks! 😃