Superior Scottsdale Spotting

On Wednesday March 16th I went spotting at Scottsdale with a friend since it was our off days.

CRJ action that went to ABQ. N719AV

Army King Air operating as an “Intel” flight.

Citation Mustang exiting the runway headed to Ross Aviation.

Falcon 7X operated by Sunset Aviation headed to Chicago.

Canadian Challenger 650 headed back to Canada.

An attempt at a tower shot of N719AV/

Dick’s Sporting Goods G650ER up and out headed somewhere over the rainbow.

Wheels Up taxing in.

Wheels Up taxing out. I would work this plane two days later.

Challenger up and out of Scottsdale with a nice mountain backdrop and exhaust.

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Tamron 150-600mm G1
Editor: Adobe Lightroom


Amazing photos! I especially love the Army King Air 🙌


I like all of them but may i just say that the Army King Air looks very weird

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