Superior Flying & ATC Service; Australia/Singapore/London/SForida

Superior Flying & ATC Service; Australia/Singapore/London/SForida
Flew the SuperD, 172 & 207 in the afore cited Regions the past week. Morning, Noon & Night in the Quebec Time Zone. Superior ATC Service on both the Advanced and Playground all the way. Was expecting the issue of a Squawk and a Radar Contact call during following they were that good. Never a hassle, No Long Lines, Great Hubs, Metro’s & Durt/Grass Field. The Regions are large so you can do long legs for numbers building and hit there enhanced Durt/Grass Field that stand out agenst the terrain along the way. Weather wise a little smut/haze/smog, KMP & England both offered a few IMC period that required ILS Approaches which added real reality during the period. Let me just say, If you want “Friendly Sky’s” try the Continent, the Malacca Straights and Sunny Florida. There the Jewels of the System in my unbiased opinion😜. (Oshkosh is next, Boeing707 Post today got my Attention) Max Sends

I will try out those regions soon, thanks for the suggestions.

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Lol I see me.

In Southeastern Florida, I think that these routes are gems/make me feel good for some reason:

Cessna 208 Caravan:

Tavernaero Park (Closest you can get to the Keys) to North Perry (72X-HWO)

Marco Island to North Perry (MKY-HWO)

*If you don’t want to use North Perry, then Miami Int’l (MIA) and Tamiami Exec are good (TMB). NEVER use Opa Locka (OPF). I refuse to fly to the airport where DC-3s go to die :sleepy:. *

Embraer E-170:

Vero Beach Muni to Miami Int’l (VRB-MIA)

Yes I used the IF map to find the airport codes and determine what regional airport would be good for the Cessna 208 routes.

Long live the DC-9!

@Boeing707. Fla is my turf in the real world. Here’s a route I take with my owner friend, it’s down the West Coast over the Glades and ends in the “real” keys. KFMY (Page) - 07FA ( Ocean Reef Club). Do it in a 172 or 208. Try it at night! Regards, Max Sends

@Boeing707, missed this in the previous post; Opa Locka was an Agency Black Site and Drug Hub out of the southern cone for years. Historically it has a connection with the Bay of Pigs, Missle Crisis, Contra, the Cartels and DEA Aerial Ops over the BWI. Went Parts Picken in the bone yard there back in the day. Talk about a DC-3 boneyard go to Google Earth take a look at FL-59 (Buckingham Fld) an old WWII B-25 training field now used by a State skeeter control agency. Until a few years ago they had a fleet of DC-3’s that did broad area spraying of the Glades. Used to watch the daily DC-3 launch every morning. The sound of an old twin is much better than any modern blower.
Last time I looked at the Earth imagery of the field it had a DC-3 lineup on the apron. The two operational Dougles beauties left are now hanger kept.i think there on the market. They use helo’s for most of the work and contract AirTractors from the Cane Fields. Just Sayin, Max Sends

Eh, wah lao so good one meh? ATC can serve 4 ATC at once ah? How ah? Bagus man!

Haha that’s how locals in my country speak