SuperduperUltraLong Flight!

Hey everyone! I am now in a SuperduperUltraLong Flight Between Sydney and London. But it isn’t a “normal” flight between Sudney and London. The route crosses the Pacific Ocean, then crosses North America and the Atlantic Ocean and then landing at Heathrow. You can track me at LiveFlight! I am at Expert Server, my plane is a Boeing 747-8 and my callsign is Boeing 2674 Heavy.


cool! But in order for someone to track you on liveflight, you need to give them details such as; What server, what plane, what callsign, etc


It’s done :)


Is the plane gonna make it that far? or are you gonna stop and refuel

No, I won’t. I will be back home for landing

Oh my! I did not know the 747-8 had that range! Goodluck!

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What are you going to do about fuel? Are you going yo make stops?

Cool! And good luck! I’ll be tracking you!

There you are!


Fly from Christchurch (NZCH) to A Coruña (LECO). It’s the closest I could get to 20,000 kilometers.

Good luck man :)

I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure that the longest nonstop flight is from Sydney to London.

Have a great flight! 👍

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