Super Sunny Saturday Spotting @KGRR

Pretty sunny, kinda warm, really good day for spotting.

Delta Connection

Route: GRR-MSP
Aircraft: CRJ-900
Registration: N305PQ
Flight time: 1hr 22min
Notes: looks awful I know, the sun was beating down on it, and whatever edits I tried to do it didn’t fix it

United Express

Route: GRR-IAD
Aircraft: E145
Registration: N11113
Flight time: 1hr 20min
Notes: just recently started back up from being suspended from the pandemic

American Eagle

Route: GRR-CLT
Aircraft: CRJ-900
Registration: N590NN
Flight time: 1hr 29min
Notes: Looks awful, but @thenewpilot


Route: TPA-GRR
Aircraft: 737-800
Registration: N8613K
Flight time: 2hr 38min
Notes: Probably my only “good” shot, but @Steven_Tellmann

Delta Connection

Route: GRR-DFW
Aircraft: CRJ-700
Registration: N354CA
Flight time: 40min
Notes: Bad


Route: GRR-DFW
Aircraft: A319
Registration: N821AW
Flight time: 3hr 8min
Notes: AA finally brought back the afternoon mainline to DFW


Route: GRR-PGD
Aircraft: A320
Registration: N247NV
Flight time: 2hr 55min
Notes: Aircraft is based at GRR, also the younger brother of the Allegiant that’s in IF


Route: GRR-MDW
Aircraft: 737-800
Registration: N8613K
Flight time: 1hr 1min
Notes: Didn’t have a flight to ORD so Imma @KTJ_Mitchell in this cuz…Chicago


Nikon D40
55-200mm zoom lense


Pretty cool images, might just be me, but are any of them in focus?

Otherwise some really sweet angles, and it is super sunny!

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U know that’s the issue, I don’t know if they are or not😂

A UAX E145: I like

Nice job, looks like it was a fun time!

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Awesome shots Devin!!

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Thanks @KTJ_Mitchell and @Prerb


Side note I’ve worked both 247 and 246

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That’s cool! We get Allegiant’s all day long too.

It was really sunny today! Really have enjoyed the weather. Nice shots!

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That’s sweet! Work them everyday

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Thanks @Cooper_Marcukaitis, it’s been oddly sunny the last few days which is awesome😎

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Wow I can actually see the blue sky, I guess it is a sunny Saturday 😎

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Very very sunny 😎

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A bit of not clear, but great job!!!

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Yeah, still gotta perfect that😅

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