super strange solo flights appear in the logbook

for some reason, my logbook show flights i have not flew, please help

This should be in #support thanks.

  • Have you lent your device recently?
  • Have you tried restarting the app?
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yes restarted, and i have never let somebody touch my phone

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that record is still there, it’s so scary!!!

Try logging out of your account.

I also have that issue. Try flying on live?

sorry i don’t understand what you mean???
i have 117hrs of flight time in live

Flying live doesn’t have this DGTK issue…so fly live if you want to see a destination airport instead of DGTK in the logbook.

To clarify, which flight did you not fly? If no violations where incurred then accept the XP and landing count.

May just be me, but these are solo flights.

Click live flights on the left to see your online flying.

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the a380 one, the yellowed part

to be cleared guys, i had NEVER FLEW ON SOLO!!!

the live one

i did all the shown flights

Don’t want to assume anything… But what might have occurred is that you started a flight and you ended it while flying over some random airport. The nearest airport gets logged as your destination airport.

Wether you overflew or underflew, that’s what it potentially could be. Don’t think the worst in these situations (that someone else has your account)


I have this “issue” as well. My logbook in solo shows a lot of random flights that I haven’t flown, and I never fly in solo anyway. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to it as of now, but it’s good to let the developers know.

(Especially notice the DGTK flights, I don’t think I made it to Africa from New York in a half hour.)


I also seem to have these weird flights from DGTK. Don’t think I made it there from KSAN in an hour

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@schyllberg might know what’s going on here…? 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Is this only for “Solo” flights?


yes it is, is there a easter egg in infinite flight? or maybe we can’t visit the app at 3 am