Super long haul

Anybody got any super long haul flights they have done or can suggest, with fuel stopovers, am thinking of flying YMML-EGLL-KATL-YMML

Dang that’s a long way! Use can use any route but this stuff will help you out.

Try using some of these sources :

For fuel -

For flight plan -

Hope this helps and good luck to your flight!

There’s a plethora of people’s longest flights here:

Singapore to Newark is a long one

Worked out where I’m going
Thanks for the help

Good luck!

So do you use your phone and just stay on infinite flight the whole time or how do you do long hauls?

Most people use a separate device like an iPad that they don’t really need.

I’m in need of an upgrade to my iPad so this one will be on my phone, won’t be doing this again without a second device 😂

this is too relatable

i’m too nervous and too impatient to do long hauls. i don’t want a speeding violation when my fuel starts to burn off.

Each leg is 11,000 nautical miles and takes 22-23 hours. Plan well, step climb correctly, and you’ll be okay. Last time I did this flight the total flight time was around 43 hours.

You “should” be able to just set and forget with the auto pilot set without worrying about speed violations, as you become lighter from fuel burn the speed shouldn’t change with weight, the auto pilot should adjust the throttles to a lower percentage to compensate for the lighter weight without changes your speed,

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