Super-Long-Haul Flight from London to Auckland!

On March 14 (Pi Day) I started a Super Long Haul Flight from London to Auckland, with Boeing 777-300ER Air New Zealand. I was worried about the fuel… The flight was 21 hours 29 minutes (my longest flight!)

Luckily, this Flight had Double Sunset!

I tookoff from 27L EGLL and turned around to face East.

About one hour, I flew over the Alps.

Six hours after takeoff, I came above to the Red Sea. And this is the first Sunset.

Over the little islands on the Pacific Ocean.

Second Sunset at Australia.

After 21 hours 29 minutes of flight, I finally landed at Auckland NZAA Runway 23L (there’s only one runway, but why they named it 23L?)

Finally, I shut down the engines. I didn’t ran out of fuels! I only had 1% fuels left in the tank, about 1618kg. @Ka77a51umAviation


Nice photos!

Previously taxiway ‘Alpha’ (parallel to the main runway) had been modified and designated as Runway 23R/05L so that rehabilitation work could be completed on the main runway 23L/05R. After the work was completed, the temporary runway reverted to taxiway Alpha, although the main runway retained its L/R designations.

Credit: Wikipedia - Auckland Airport - Wikipedia


Thank you! That is interesting, MZAA is a special airport, the fact about the runways is interesting!


I didn’t actually know until I looked it up!

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How did I saved my Fuel? Here is a community post helped me to save my Fuel.

I was going to OMDB to KLAX or KSFO or ksea but when i create the flight plan it says its over the aircraft range but on the infinite flight tracker it shows lots of emirates 380 doing that flight so how do i control the fuel well

Just ignore it, copy and paste the route to IF. You can do it!

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Ok will do

You better remind your MTOW, you have more fuel, but less passenger and cargo.