Super Hornet over Saudi

I was on the ground at OEJF during Sunrise when I was scrambled to Intercept a Saudia 787 at 38,000 feet that was supposed to be heading to Jeddah
OEJF-OEJF on Expert Server

After Getting the Scramble call I hopped into the F-18E started the engines and taxied out to runway 33

Lined up and ready

Let’s burn and Turn

Quick climb to intercept

Flying along side the aircraft
all seams well and flight crew is responding, right break turn to head back to base

Base Turn to Final

Flaring to Land

Touchdown and slowing down
Welcome back to base 🇸🇦


Very cool!

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Cruising with gear down…

It’s a glitch that happens on the server


Yeah, I’ve seen many planes other than me with gear down cruising.
It looks weird but it’s a glitch.


Beautiful photos

Cool, the fighters need more attention I think

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