Super Decathlon Refresh/re add

Let’s turn this into where this is a feature so they can bring it back if they want.

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I love this


They said they r going to take this out of the game

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I know, that’s why I said we should have them bring it back!

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Why was the super decathlon removed? Looks like a cool little plane so, why did they remove it?


Please see the post linked below:

The super decathlon would be a good idea because the devs could add a smoke trail trailing behind doing like an air show. There could be different colors like yellow and white, red and white, and so on.

How hard is it to fly?

I would actually like to see this. I am out of votes but I fully support the Super D.

MaxSez: Revival (add) what a nice word! This aerobatic machine was dumped from the IF inventory to make room for Just another Trash Haulers cause the kiddie’s wanna be called Captain. Those who dare here proved their stuff on the Decathlon. Their Aviators!
You got my vote!


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Would be nice to see this bird back in the air.


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I do hope we see this aircraft again!

I voted. I’d love to have it back. I wonder why they removed/replaced it instead of just having the Super Decathlon and an other airplane…

Here I am again, not sure why I didn’t vote the first time around, but I’m leaving one now!

Ok folkes

Lets get back on this feature! Super Decathlon is one of the coolest planes we had on the game lets bring it back!

You are right

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What’s the difference between this and the xcub?

(Besides the fact no one asked for the xcub)

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Well, the Super D is more of an aerobatics plane whereas the XCub is more of a bush plane. It’s older than the XCub and with that comes a different flying style (no glass instruments 😳), and the Super D is also slightly faster and heavier than the XCub, but despite that it’s a good training aircraft (whereas the XCub isn’t regarded as a trainer aircraft).

On a side note, I’d love to see the Decathlon back in the sim!

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Wait this aircraft was in the Sim? I didn’t have IF until late 2019.

It used to be in the sim with no cockpit

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