Super Decathlon N5070G

Let’s add more liveries to the Decathlon, including this light green one with stars and wheel fairings.


i would like to see the Super D. rework first tho

A reworked Super D would include more liveries.

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MaxSez: The IF super D belongs to me! You may borrow it but fuel it up with a full tank of 100LL pls when you’ve completed yr softie. No smoking & no Pepsi can pls.


WHOA, YOURE ALIVE! Great to see you man!

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What about water?they added water!anyway i love this Livery!We need a revamped super D for global LOL


they should rework the whole plane but still keep it free

It will most likely be kept free. Nobody would buy it otherwise, all the attention is on the airliners.

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