Super Decathlon makes IF Crash on Android

Something seems to be going wrong while downloading the Super Decathlon aircraft data.

Every time that aircraft has been selected, IF crashes just before starting the flight, while “Loading your flight” is being shown.

When IF is restarted and another flight with the Super Decathlon is initiated, the aircraft download process restarts, after which the app crashes again.

This happens on both an S8+ running Pie and a Tab S3 running Oreo.

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All good here :/ (iOS)

@Jan - have you tried on both Live + Solo?

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Happens in both modes.

IOS is fine here as well.


Okay! Android issue only then. I’ll have a look! Thanks for the report, Jan :)


Just double checked on my razer phone (Oreo 8.1.1) and my Pixel 2XL (Q 10.01) and the issue is also prevalent here 🙃


Loads for me. Essential PH1, Android 9 patch March 5th

Same things happening on my android

Confirmed on my end.

Note 9 , Android 9 (with March 2019 update)
Both solo and live, with WiFi or 4G.

Report sent via Google Play.

Could you pleaae let us know what’s the build number of IF?

This can be found in IF under Settings > About, in the top left corner. Starts with 19.1…


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For mine? 19.1.7013.29897 then has - PH-1 behind that, assuming for my phone

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@Kirito_77 - Do you have ADB turned on?

I always do on my pixel, and seems that the razer phone has it enabled too. Would you like me to test it on both devices with ADB turned off?

Nope, but if you could get us the call stack for what the ADB shows when this happens… it would be pretty neat.

Sure, I’ll run logcat (I assume that’s what you’re referring to) when I get back to my desktop in about 20 minutes, and let you know from there 🙃

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Not only an Android issue @schyllberg. It works fine on my iPad but the app crashes on my iPhone XS.

Maybe because of “Systems” buttn?. On the iPad the button is located wrongly. My guess is that this position won’t work on phones with a smaller screen size.


We’re pretty sure (well, Laura is)… it’s tracked down now! @Kirito_77 - we’re good. But thanks!
You should be able to fix this by going for a flight in the C172 or the SR22 first, then the Super D will work. But we’re sending an in-app update for the Super D alone so that won’t be necessary.


I was just getting round to using ADB when I noticed the issue wasn’t here anymore… This morning I could report it consistently but it appears to have disappeared 🤷

I can always use logcat if you need, perhaps I’ll just do it in future anyways

Top job!


That does work!



The update that was released (19.1.7019.30891) resolved the issue.

Thanks! 🙂

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