Super Decathlon has a HD cockpit

I don’t know if this should be on #support or #general but let’s get on to it
You must know the Super D has no cockpit view and only an HUD view. And that it’s graphics are not HD. But the free cam revealed something truly shocking! Despite it’s non-HD graphics it has a high-def cockpit! Does this mean that the devs are reworking the Decathlon?


Interesting, very interesting

Maybe let the devs know.

Yes. Indeed

If the developers would rework the Super Decathlon and you think this is the beginning of the reworked cockpit, you’re wrong. Only the developers and maybe the beta testers would have access to it.


Go and watch it yourself.

Now in the meantime let’s go enjoy IF’s only drift car

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I know about the cockpit, just saying you won’t see if the developers would rework the cockpit/the plane.


That makes me realise the devs really need to go back to GA aircraft


Every aircraft has the ability to go into the cockpit with free cam. Nothing new here. You can’t just assume that they are reworking it.


I know but the cockpit is HD.

what about the C17?

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Lemme check

and Spitfire And CRJ200

Those don’t have…crj has one though!

And the A-10

I don’t even fly that!i don’t know :(

This makes me wonder if the devs are going to rework aircrafts like C17 anytime soon

HD cockpit with a blurry instrument panel.


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