Super Bowl Celebration Flight! @KTPA-@KCAK

Hey guys! To celebrate the super bowl win! I did a flight with @Rich_PJ from KTPA to KCAK
Which took an hour 40 min on expert server. I will continue my 50 state series tomorrow. but until then enjoy the photos!

Me and @Rich_PJ Parked

@Rich_PJ Taking off

Me Taking off

Me Passing by @Rich_PJ to Lead the Way

Cruiseing at 32,000FT

Decending to KCAK

On Final RWY 23

Me Landing

@Rich_PJ Landing

Me and @Rich_PJ Parked after crossing RWY’s many times.

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Thanks for checking the photos out! interesting for me to do something like this that’s not apart of my series…


Great photos!

Thanks! It was a very nice flight as well!