“Super” and “Heavy” callsigns

Is there any way that ATC could punish you for having your callsign as “Super” if you’re, say, an a320?


Nope, ATC will not ghost you or request you change your Callsign for that reason. That doesn’t mean it’s ok to be in a skyhawk with “heavy” in your Callsign, but ATC won’t bother you if you do.


Oh, ok. Thanks


ATC can’t ghost you for that but it isn’t that mature to do that on ES


Yep SUPER is used exclusively for the A380, whilst HEAVY is for Wide-body Aircraft and the B757.

Whilst you won’t get punished for using it on other aircraft, it does make you look like a noob if you use it when you shouldn’t


To add to David you use HEAVY once your over an certain weight


If I remember correctly, the 757 is not considered to be heavy but is treated like one due to the amount of wake turbulence that it can cause.

Now wake turbulence is currently a thing that we do not have and whether you have a heavy or super tag attached to your callsign, it really won’t matter all that much.


The term heavy is used during radio transmissions between air traffic control and any aircraft which has been assigned a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) rating of 136 tonnes (300,000 lb) or more.

Every wide body jet, on the Airbus side anything from the A330 and larger (except A380, which is Super) is considered Heavy. And for Boeing anything from and larger than the 757. And this is regardless of if they are carrying a weight at or above MTOW.

Any aircraft with a MTOW rating is supposed to have the Heavy or in the A380’s case Super, suffix when airborne. It doesn’t matter if they fly with a weight below MTOW, If they are assigned to have a MTOW rating then they will have the suffix added on to them. That is to let both other pilots and ATC know that this is a heavy aircraft which take longer runway for landing and takeoff and most importantly, they cause bigger wake turbulence, so aircraft separation is crucial between a Heavy or Super aircraft with another plane.

In IF that isn’t the case as we don’t have wake turbulence so a realistic separation is not necessarily needed unless ATC and Pilot do want ti strive for it.


Yep that’s correct, and whilst wake turbulence isn’t a factor (yet) using it does help to add to the realism!

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Does the 757 have heavy suffix or not?

No the 757 doesn’t


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I didnt know the a330 was a heavy until I was at the airport listening to atc

Only the A380 has Super

747 Family
777 Family

All of the above have Heavy 👍🏻

Hope this helps

The AN-225 has Super in its callsign as well

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